1. COVID-2019 Updates (with maps)

    Due to the quick-moving nature of the COVID-2019 (2019 Coronavirus Disease), we are not going to publish any maps here directly, as they would be nearly immediately out of date.

    However, if you're interested in the latest updates from the World Health Organization you can visit their Coronavirus disease 2019 situation reports page to get the latest. They are posting a new report (PDF) daily.

    In addition, There is a daily map being produced by a number medical establishments available at HealthMap.ORG, complete with links to a data archive on GitHub.

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  2. Mapping West Nile Virus in the United States

    West Nile has increasingly become a concern of U.S. health professionals and officials at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. A recent interview reported in USA Today revealed the concern that the CDC is giving the recent West Nile outbreak. According to the article, CDC Director of Vector-Borne Infectious Disease, Lyle Petersen, is quoted as stating, "We think the numbers may come close to or even exceed the total number of cases reported in 2002 and 2003, both of which were severe West Nile virus years." According to CDC numbers there were more than 250 deaths due to …

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  3. Map Diabetes in the United States with CDC data

    The Center for Disease Control monitors various diseases within the United States. Often the CDC produces data for public use that can be used for scholarly and educational purposes. For this post I downloaded diabetes data from 2009 from this CDC website. The CDC are available for download in .xls format, so they need to be converted for use in Cartographica. After the data are downloaded, load the files into a spreadsheet program and save the file as a .csv. According to CDC data more than 25 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes and the rates of diabetes have …

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