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  1. CartoMobile 2.0 Available

    After a lengthy development process and with the help of many fine testers, ClueTrust has released 2.0 of CartoMobile. CartoMobile 2.0 is now available on the App Store.

    New for 2.0:

    • Automatic bookmarks to zoom to full map or all features
    • Receive Maps via email and web (c11amz format described on our support site)
    • Send collected data via email
    • Tiled raster maps from individually selected files or "rasterpack" folders
    • Buffer ("range" bubbles) around point layers
    • Now using MapBox for background maps with support for multiple types of imagery, including satellite and topo
    • Support for latest iPhone sizes …
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  2. CartoMobile 1.4.4 Released

    After quite a long time in beta and development, ClueTrust is pleased to announce the release of CartoMobile 1.4.4, our iOS App for field data collection and use.

    There are a lot of changes in 1.4.4, probably quite a few more than would otherwise be indicated by the small bump in version numbers. However, we have put out over 30 test versions since the last release in order to make sure this version is ready to go.

    The last version, 1.4.3, was remarkably crash-free. We expect this version to be similarly reliable, although not …

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  3. CartoMobile: Your data in your hands

    There are a lot of mobile mapping applications for iOS, and even with that as a backdrop, we decided to develop and release CartoMobile because we saw a place for a sophisticated and easy-to-use App for creating and accessing your geospatial data from anywhere.

    We're often asked what sets CartoMobile apart from other mapping Apps for iOS. Basically, we believe that you should be able to have easy access to your data on the go. Here's how we have done this:

    • No Need to Import/Export — CartoMobile handles shapefiles and raster files directly. There's no need to do any coordinate …
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  4. CartoMobile 1.2 released with MrSID® and more

    Today, we're pleased to announce that CartoMobile® 1.2 has hit the AppStore with a number of new features and a bunch of bug fixes and usability tweaks.   

    The biggest advance in 1.2 is the addition of MrSID and JPEG2000 image formats for Raster Imagery.   This adds to our already robust selections of: TIFF, GeoTIFF, JPEG, and ECW, to create a very complete selection of image formats for offline access.    As with previous formats, you can copy these directly to the device using iTunes and add them to your Map by choosing Import Raster Image.     To accompany this addition …

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