CartoMobile 1.4.4 Released

After quite a long time in beta and development, ClueTrust is pleased to announce the release of CartoMobile 1.4.4, our iOS App for field data collection and use.

There are a lot of changes in 1.4.4, probably quite a few more than would otherwise be indicated by the small bump in version numbers. However, we have put out over 30 test versions since the last release in order to make sure this version is ready to go.

The last version, 1.4.3, was remarkably crash-free. We expect this version to be similarly reliable, although not similarly long-lived.

Version 1.4.4 will be the first version leaving behind all versions of iOS prior to 8.1. We take deprecation of operating system version compatibility very seriously, but our statistics indicate that almost all of our active CartoMobile users are running iOS 8.1 or higher (mostly iOS 9+). We expect that the next major release will remove support for versions prior to iOS 9, as the move forward in iOS operating systems continue.

There were a lot of individual changes to CartoMobile 1.4.4, but here are the main ones:

  • Support for receiving Maps via email and web (c11amz format)
  • Support for "range" bubbles around point layers
  • Support for latest iPhone and iPad sizes (including old ones that are new again)
  • Fixed bug which would eventually crash after taking a lot of pictures
  • Fixed hang on zooming with large numbers of polygons on the screen at once
  • Improved compatibility with badly-formed Shapefiles
  • Upgraded look for iOS 9

Please feel free to contact us via our support site if you have further questions on any of these changes or if you need assistance.

Also, please use our Feedback button in the Gear menu to provide us with suggestions or complaints.

Lastly, please rate us on the App Store. Each time we release a new version, the stars for that release disappear, so we'd like to get our ratings back up!

Thank you,

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