CartoMobile 1.2 released with MrSID® and more

Today, we're pleased to announce that CartoMobile® 1.2 has hit the AppStore with a number of new features and a bunch of bug fixes and usability tweaks.

The biggest advance in 1.2 is the addition of MrSID and JPEG2000 image formats for Raster Imagery. This adds to our already robust selections of: TIFF, GeoTIFF, JPEG, and ECW, to create a very complete selection of image formats for offline access. As with previous formats, you can copy these directly to the device using iTunes and add them to your Map by choosing Import Raster Image. To accompany this addition, we've added a new section to the documentation covering this, as well as clarifying some of the information about WFS and custom OpenStreetMap services.

Also included in CartoMobile 1.2:

  • Spanish localization now joins English and French language support
  • Shape file CRS (Projection) information is now saved in the configuration file, making it easier to create templates that use CRS other than WGS84 Lat/Long. Now, if you import a shapefile with an existing .prj file in order to create a Map, the corresponding map configuration file (files ending with .c11amc) will now contain the CRS information and use it when creating new shapefiles on other devices.
  • Labels can now be changed for Raster, WMS, and OSM BaseMap layers
  • All BaseMap sources can now be edited, making it easier to debug problems with missing or incorrect layers in WMS, custom OSM layers, etc.
  • Raster Images can now carry their attributes in .aux files
  • Imagery resources have been updated to support the new iPad Retina Display
  • XML namespaces may now be specified in WFSLayer elements in configuration files, making it easier to handle some WFS servers
  • More robust error handling and reporting added in WFS and WMS layers
  • Line and Polygon types are now supported for adding in WFS servers

There have been a large number of bug fixes and a number of interface changes to make CartoMobile easier to use. All told, we're really happy with how 1.2 came out and we hope you find it as satisfying an experience to work with as we do!

We would like to extend a special thanks to all of our testers and users who helped us with the testing and work on this version. Please keep your comments and suggestions coming!

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