CartoMobile 2.0 Available

After a lengthy development process and with the help of many fine testers, ClueTrust has released 2.0 of CartoMobile. CartoMobile 2.0 is now available on the App Store.

New for 2.0:

  • Automatic bookmarks to zoom to full map or all features
  • Receive Maps via email and web (c11amz format described on our support site)
  • Send collected data via email
  • Tiled raster maps from individually selected files or "rasterpack" folders
  • Buffer ("range" bubbles) around point layers
  • Now using MapBox for background maps with support for multiple types of imagery, including satellite and topo
  • Support for latest iPhone sizes
  • Support for latest GeoServer WFS (2.13)
  • Improved compatibility with badly-formed Shapefiles
  • Improved accessibility
  • Upgraded for latest iOS and device support
  • Additional bug fixes
  • Support for transparent ECW images

With all of these improvements, we are needing to leave behind iOS version prior to 10.3.2. All users with existing licenses for CartoMobile have access to the new release, and the final 1.4.4 release has been left in place for use on older devices.

Updated documentation is now available from our CartoMobile Resources page. We are in the process of doing updates to the screen shots and video that accompanies the program.

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