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  1. Cartographica 1.4 is now in beta

    We are very pleased to finally make available the first release of 1.4, our largest version of Cartographica to date. Please read these notes if you choose to use this beta version of the software. We will be following up this post over the next few weeks discussing the new features and capabilities of Cartographica 1.4.

    Beta Test Warnings

    Warning: Although we have done extensive internal and private beta testing, it is important to remember that this version of Cartographica is still considered to be in testing. Please make sure that you have files that you are working …

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  2. Cartographica 1.2.8 ready for Mountain Lion and Retina Display

    ClueTrust is happy to announce today the immediate availability of Cartographica 1.2.8.   This release fixes a number of small bugs and includes compatibility and feature fixes for both the Retina Display MacBook Pros and Mountain Lion.

    Full release notes are available on the site.

    The new Retina Display MacBook Pros are gorgeous, and we're happy to say that things are really looking good on those displays, and with the advent of Mountain Lion's new Gatekeeper system, we have increased security by implementing Apple's new signature system to show that Cartographica comes from us, so you won't …

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  3. US Ag Department looks for input on aerial imagery

    As reported in Ag Professional and forwarded along by one of our astute customers, the US Department of Agriculture's Farm Service Agency has put out a public call for comments on how data is collected for requests for Aerial Photography through the NAIP program, which is a great source of raster data for software such as Cartographica.

    The call for information is specifically expected to help the agency:

    1. Determine whether the continued collection of information is still necessary for the proper performance of the functions of the FSA, including whether the information will have practical utility; 
    2. Assess the accuracy …
  4. Using MapQuest satellite imagery

    MapQuest has recently made available, through information on their developer website, access to their tile servers for OpenStreetMap-style tiles of satellite imagery (mostly from government sources) and their street databases.   Because both CartoMobile and Cartographica support customized OpenStreetMap-style tile sources, you can now add these to your maps.

    Cartographica Desktop

    1. Within an existing mapset, add a new live layer by choosing File > Add Live Map…
    2. Choose Other OpenStreet Map Server:  from the list of sources
    3. Type the following into the URL box:
    4. Click Add

    A new layer named OpenStreetMap Live …

  5. CartoMobile: Your data in your hands

    There are a lot of mobile mapping applications for iOS, and even with that as a backdrop, we decided to develop and release CartoMobile because we saw a place for a sophisticated and easy-to-use App for creating and accessing your geospatial data from anywhere.

    We're often asked what sets CartoMobile apart from other mapping Apps for iOS. Basically, we believe that you should be able to have easy access to your data on the go. Here's how we have done this:

    • No Need to Import/Export — CartoMobile handles shapefiles and raster files directly. There's no need to do any coordinate …
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  6. CartoMobile 1.2 released with MrSID® and more

    Today, we're pleased to announce that CartoMobile® 1.2 has hit the AppStore with a number of new features and a bunch of bug fixes and usability tweaks.   

    The biggest advance in 1.2 is the addition of MrSID and JPEG2000 image formats for Raster Imagery.   This adds to our already robust selections of: TIFF, GeoTIFF, JPEG, and ECW, to create a very complete selection of image formats for offline access.    As with previous formats, you can copy these directly to the device using iTunes and add them to your Map by choosing Import Raster Image.     To accompany this addition …

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  7. New Support Site!

    This week, we launched out new support site, using Zendesk. Besides a smoother ticketing system, we are also happy to announce that we have taken the feature request, help and tips areas and made them much more accessible. Please join us in inaugurating this new site by visiting, asking your questions, adding your feature requests, and voting on your favorite requests and topics.

  8. Data about Australia

    One of our participants from Australia has kindly sent us information about a number of resources available for mapping there. If you know of some good publicly available (or very good paid content), please feel free to Contribute a short article using the Contribute button at the top of the page and we'll approve it into the system. Without further ado...

    In no particular order:

  9. Free data available from Natural Earth

    Many of us spend a lot of time looking for data to use for maps and I wanted to mention Natural Earth, a site whose tag line "Free vector and raster map data at 1:10m, 1:50m, and 1:110m scales" pretty much says it all. There's a lot of stuff here, and it's good for many purposes, and it's truly free, as in Public Domain.

    The data can be dragged and dropped directly into Cartographica for use in your own projects, without any licensing issues, which is fantastic.Further, there are both raster and vector data sets, so …

  10. Summarizing Point Data on a Polygon Layer

    Occasionally it is necessary to summarize the data from a layer of points based on containment within a polygon layer. This article presents a relatively straightforward way to do this with Cartographica. 

    The solution to this problem requires the use of both an internal command and a small AppleScript, which we will provide. This simple script can be modified for your individual needs to apply basically any formula, but in the example case, it provides the sum of the values of a single column in the point dataset. At the end of this piece, we'll discuss some easy adaptations of …

  11. Farewell and Thanks, Steve Jobs

    Yesterday we learned of the death of a man who had a profound effect on the course of my life and the life of this company. I am sure that this sentiment has and will be reflected many times, but it makes it no less true in our case. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all of those whose lives were touched by him.

    I never knew the man personally, although I stood in the same room with him many times. I have owned at least one Macintosh since 1984 (including a dark period where I …

  12. CartoMobile 1.1 released

    ClueTrust is pleased to announce the immediate availability of CartoMobile® 1.1 on the App Store! New features include adding lines and polygons, easy use of Raster data as base maps, multiple projection support, and more!

    Version 1.1 of CartoMobile is a huge release for us, starting with the name change. ClueTrust has decided to rebrand Cartographica Mobile as CartoMobile, both because the name "Cartographica Mobile" just doesn't fit well in the app screen on the iPhone, and also to differentiate its place as a field data tool, as opposed to a full-fledged GIS, like Cartographica.

    CartoMobile 1.1 …

  13. Cartogaphica 1.2.3 is Lion Ready

    ClueTrust is happy to announce availability of Cartographica 1.2.3, with updates for Lion compatibility and a handful of new features, as well as performance improvements and bug fixes. Check out the improvements in WFS, projection handling, import/export, performance for AppleScript and labeling. Come check it out at We are also providing a new 7-day key for anyone who has previously evaluated the software by visiting the lost key page.

    The feature list for this maintenance release is short:

    • Support for exporting data tables from layers
    • Automatic export for CartoMobile imagery
    • Support for exporting raster layers …
  14. Importing KML Description data in Cartographica

    Those of you importing KML data files may have been surprised when the Description comes in with all sorts of "field data" that you think might belong in columns. Unfortunately, there are a number of different ways to represent actual field data in KML and seeing only the Description and Name fields imported by Cartographica is an excellent sign that the maker of the KML file didn't use any of them. However, we have an AppleScript you can use to mine that data inside of Cartographica.

    For those unfamiliar with AppleScript, we had some more in-depth commentary on it in …

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  15. Come visit us at AAG 2011!

    ClueTrust is exhibiting at AAG 2011 in Seattle this week in booth 410, right across from our friends at Avenza. Come see Cartographica and CartoMobile and let us answer your questions and show you how these tools can improve your workflow!

  16. CartoMobile available on the App Store

    ClueTrust is pleased to announce that Cartographica® Mobile (CartoMobile™) is now available on the App Store. CartoMobile is our GIS for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Use CartoMobile to view, edit, and create location-based information in the field without having to carry around specialized equipment. Store and access local data, or use CartoMobile with your existing Spatial Data Infrastructure. Dock with your computer and load the files directly into your desktop GIS.

  17. AppleScript changes in 1.2.2

    Although AppleScript is probably not one of the most used features of Cartographica, it's quickly becoming one of the most powerful. Since the first release of Cartographica, we have supported using the Macintosh built-in scripting system to manipulate information in Cartographica. If you're new to AppleScript or an old hand, we think some of the improvements we've made to 1.2.2 are big news.

    Here are some of the things we've done for 1.2.2:

    Increased support for analysis functions : We've added support for a number of previously-unavailable analysis functions to the Cartographica AppleScript dictionary. Now you can …

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  18. Cartographica 1.2.2 Released

    Today, ClueTrust is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Cartographica 1.2.2, our latest GIS product for the Macintosh. This version contains a number of significant new features, plenty of enhancements to existing features, and fixes for bugs that have been found since our last release.

    On the new feature list, we've added:

    • Use font characters as symbols (see More Symbol Enhancements for 1.2.2 for details and ideas)
    • A new warning symbol when a loaded layer has no assigned CRS/Projection. This should help reduce confusion when layers don't line up correctly.
    • Export Map as Picture …

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