Cartographica 1.5d8 Available

This is the first follow-up to Onward to 1.5 documenting the move to the 1.5 release.

The last few weeks has been filled with a lot of internal library updates (and a week-long break for a long-delayed vacation) and preparation for building and testing under 10.15.

I've now posted 1.5d8 which is also available in the Development feed in Cartographica's Check For Updates…

Among the updates are major upgrades in the libraries we use for importing and exporting Vector and Raster files. These should mostly improve performance, reliability, and compatibility, but there are also some additional functions (such as M value support for file types that support them) and additional file format support for both import and export.

Although we have extensive sets of files for testing and do quite a bit of validation from the behavior in previous versions of Cartographica, please be warned that these changes are significant and so if you run into incompatibilities or surprising results (performance or data), please submit a Bug Report.

Test versions

Today we're releasing the next development test version. This is not for the faint of heart. The development test versions are available by changing your Preferences to point at the Development feed.

Be warned that there will be bugs in the Development version and you should never use it on crucial files or files that are not sufficiently backed up.

If you're concerned about this, please wait until we announce the first beta.


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