Cartographica 1.5b2 Available

This is the seventh follow-up to Onward to 1.5 documenting the move to the 1.5 release.

It's been a quick few weeks since the last update. We're refining some new testing processes (yet more automated testing) and that exposed some issues that we needed to take care of in the UI. As an added bonus, we've got yet more modern code in the system.

A few of the changes for this release, besides a number of bug fixes and visual tweaks:

  • Updated our internal version of Python which is used for Column Formulas. Previously, we'd used the OS version of Python, but it was getting long in the tooth and Apple has warned that they won't guarantee that it'll be there in future macOS, so no time like the present to get that taken care of.

  • Updated Cartographica documentation to match what's currently on our internal documentation repository. This isn't complete yet, and there's some redundancy in the formatting when dealing with Apple Help, but the contents should be improved over the previous version.

Test versions

Today we're releasing the second beta test version. This has been much more thoroughly tested than the development release, and we had good results with most of the development builds in terms of staying away from data loss bugs. However, with any test version of the software, you should make sure you have backups of your important work. Heck, that's a good idea anyway, because you never know when that stray coke is going to take out your laptop.

The beta test versions are available by changing your Preferences to point at the Beta feed.

All significant features are in for this release, and we are just testing and tidying up bugs and a few internal bits. So, there will be limited changes between now and final release.


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