Using MapQuest satellite imagery

MapQuest has recently made available, through information on their developer website, access to their tile servers for OpenStreetMap-style tiles of satellite imagery (mostly from government sources) and their street databases. Because both CartoMobile and Cartographica support customized OpenStreetMap-style tile sources, you can now add these to your maps.

Cartographica Desktop

  1. Within an existing mapset, add a new live layer by choosing File > Add Live Map…
  2. Choose Other OpenStreetMap Server: from the list of sources
  3. Type the following into the URL box:
  4. Click Add

A new layer named OpenStreetMap Live will appear in the layer stack, and you're ready to go.


  1. Create a new map or edit an existing map using Change Map in the gear menu
  2. Tap Add Custom OSM Server to add the new Base Map
  3. Type a label in the Layer Label box
  4. Type the following into the URL box:
  5. Tap Done

Once you have re-entered the map in CartoMobile, you can use the Base Map by choosing it from the Base Maps list in the Gear menu.

Credit where it is due

MapQuest provides these tiles from a few different sources, mostly the US government and some from the Japanese space agency.

Tiles Courtesy of MapQuest MapQuest Logo

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