PakResponse posts Pakistan data

For those interested in looking at information related to the floods in Pakistan or those who are helping the relief effort, PakResponse has posted some base maps, symbol sets and flood map information. Of particular interest to Cartographica users are the OHCR symbol sets that can be used with Cartographica's new Symbol features.

The map sets that are available include administrative maps, hydrology, and information about affected areas from the floods.

If you are building a map and want to use the symbols, the OCHA symbol sets can be downloaded and contain a folder named "OHCA_Symbols" which has 2 sub-folders containing bounded and unbounded symbols. The bounded symbols work best in Cartographica with Stroke turned off. The unbounded symbols can be used with Stroke on or off and can be colored when stroke is on.

To use these symbols:

  1. Download the files from OCHA Symbols and then unzip the folder that is downloaded
  2. Open the "OCHA Symbols" folder that results and find the "" file and unzip it
  3. Select a file from inside of the OCHA_Symbols_Bounded or OCHA_Symbols_Unbounded folder (the png files)
  4. In Cartographica, find your intended point layer and choose Layer > Show Layer Styles to bring up the Styles window and then select your style
  5. In the Finder, drag the symbol file to the Symbol: well in Cartographica's Style window and the symbol should now show up on the map
  6. For the Unbounded symbols, you can color them by selecting Stroke and then setting the stroke color
  7. For the Bounded symbols, you should turn off Stroke since otherwise the symbol will show up as a colored box

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