Introducing 1.2: Geocoding Updates

Cartographica 1.2 offers several new geocoding features that will enhance user's ability to effectively geocode several forms of spatial data. Some of the new geocoding features include the ability to geocode with Bing, the ability to geocode layers that have already been imported, and the ability add spatial information to data sets that are incomplete, or not spatially defined. Cartographica can geocode both address and coordinate data and has the ability to add spatial information such as X and Y coordinates to layers that are not georeferenced.

Some of the New Features of Geocoding in Cartographica!

  • Geocoding can now be done in layers that are already loaded, as opposed to being done only during the import process.
  • If you have partially completed geocode data, select Geocode Uncoded to add geometry data to features which don't currently have geometry.
  • If the CRS of the geocoder that you are using does not match the CRS of the layer, the points will be reprojected automatically
  • Support for Bing Maps. For all existing and new customers, we will be providing free use of Bing Maps geocoding and imagery services until your support contract runs out. After that time, you may renew support to continue using the Bing services. Bing maps provides fast, high resolution roads and imagery services. There are some limitations to the use of imagery from Bing for production purposes, so please note that you are not granted a license for republishing rights of this data.
  • Support for Bing Geocoding services. Bing Geocoding works in many countries throughout the world and contains more up-to-date information than is available from many sources. It also requires no configuration to get started, just select your input data and geocode. This feature, like the Bing Maps services, is part of our ongoing support package. If you need to geocode using your own data (for example, historical information or if you have proprietary geocoding data), that option is still available through the Geocoder Options...

Enhanced Features New to Version 1.2!

  • Geocoding Options are saved per layer, so you can have multiple layers in the same document use different specific geocoding options (these would include the mapping of columns into address parts, additions of static data like state/province names, city names, or countries).
  • Geocoder options are saved per mapset. These options apply to all layers within a mapset until changed. These settings determine whether server-based (Bing) geocoding or algorithm based internal geocoding is used.
  • When geocoding data on import, geocoding settings are saved with the new layer to promote easy re-geocoding or coding of uncoded features.
  • Tiger geocoder now will geocode addresses without Zip codes if Zip is specified in the geocoder preferences

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