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Covid-19 Visualization

Today, I'm going to call attention to mapmaking by one of our Cartographica users, Stephen Taylor. You can see his Animation of Covid-19 New Cases, and updates to it on his YouTube Channel. The illustration uses a colored circle to show the daily count of new cases for each county relative to the county's population. We're happy that Cartographica could be one of the tools that was helpful in bringing this animation to life. Stephen, commenting on his work: The project started in early April when I and the circle of friends tried to come up with a way of …

COVID-2019 Updates (with maps)

Due to the quick-moving nature of the COVID-2019 (2019 Coronavirus Disease), we are not going to publish any maps here directly, as they would be nearly immediately out of date. However, if you're interested in the latest updates from the World Health Organization you can visit their Coronavirus disease 2019 situation reports page to get the latest. They are posting a new report (PDF) daily. In addition, There is a daily map being produced by a number medical establishments available at HealthMap.ORG, complete with links to a data archive on GitHub.