Police to shoot GPS tracking pod at perps in car chases

Next time your in Los Angeles and your thinking about going on a high speed police chase, almost as fun as Disneyland, you might want to re-consider. The L.A. Daily News has an article describing a new GPS technology developed by Virginia based StarChase that allows police to shoot GPS tracking pods at cars in a police chase. The pods are encased in some kind of sticky substance, relay location information to a monitoring center of some sort and are designed to help reduce car chase deaths. One cool feature is that these can be shot either from a handheld unit or from unit mounted in the grill of the police cruiser. As of now the pods have only been put through "proof of concept" testing, but the company promises delivery of goods in 2006. If these catch on and actually reduce police chases, the FOX network may have to come up with real T.V. shows for a change.

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