Location based reminders

For those of you who are constantly forgetting to buy groceries, or beer, as you went past the grocery you now have a solution. Ludimate has created the Geominder, a program that will deliver reminders, voice or text, using mobile network's cell id information instead of GPS at the appropriate location. The system requires the user to "train" the software about the locations you want to have reminders for, but once you have it trained you can leave either voice, text, alarms, etc..While the sensitivity is not as accurate as a GPS, it will probably be good enough for providing reminders based on closeness to a often used location. It appears to only work on Nokia Series 60 phones (I tried to make it work on my S.E. P900 and it was a no go), but hopefully it will expand its usability later. While the stated purposes of this is to provide reminders about things you need to do at work, when you arrive at work, the possibilities are endless.

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