GPS catches Bank Robber

Apparently putting exploding die packages in with stolen loot is so 1990's. Engadget has a story of how bank employees at a Washington Trust Bank in Spokane slipped a GPS receiver in with the bank loot and then notified the police. Ironically the robber told the employees to put $40,000, but no bait bills, in a duffel bag or he would kill them. However, because he didn't say not to put a GPS receiver in the duffel they were OK. Because of this wonderful little trickery, the police were able to track down the not so swift robber, in his minivan no less, within minutes. When caught his comment to the police was "you guys are good". Of course in a few years when we all have SiRF star III GPS chips implanted under our skin catching crooks will be even easier.

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