ClueTrust announces Cartographica Mobile for iPhone and iPad

At AAG 2010, ClueTrust today announced the first mobile member of the Cartographica family of products. Get your GIS data out on the road with you!

Cartographica Mobile is a revolutionary app for a two revolutionary devices.

In the past, most geospatial data input, access, and maintenance was done with dedicated GIS terminals or not done at all. However, until now there's been no way to get access to all that data held captive by your GIS servers without spending a fortune on a dedicated device or dragging around a laptop.

Today, ClueTrust makes access to your geospatial data as close as your iPhone or iPad.

We've been working for the past few months on making this product capable of filling the needs of people who may not need sub-meter accuracy, but still need access to their existing data and need to interact with their existing systems. By leveraging the growing geospatial infrastructure of companies and agencies, Cartographica Mobile is able to bring the benefits of access into field personnel's hands for a fraction of the cost (and weight).

When we created Cartographica Mobile, we decided to take a look at the kinds of location-oriented tasks that people do. You know what? Almost all tasks are location-oriented. Whether you're trying to fix a fire hydrant or visit a sick patient, you need to know where you're going.

Cartographica Mobile leverages the location information in a number of ways, providing you with access to one or more layers of data right in the palm of your hand. So, if you're an telephone worker who needs to find the nearest underground cable vault, you can bring up that layer using Cartographica Mobile and have instant access to not only the location, but real-time information about it from your systems.

We think this product is going to really make people think about how they can use their GIS resources, and we hope you agree.

Cartographica Mobile is on display at the AAG 2010 conference at booth 610 and should be shipping in May.

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