ClueTrust announces Cartographica 1.2

Today at AAG 2010, ClueTrust is pleased to announce the next evolution in our GIS for Mac OS X, Cartographica. We've on target for a release in May, about a year after our 1.0 release. There's a lot of new features we can talk about and some surprises that we'll wait until release day to discuss. If you like Cartographica now, we're certain that you're going to find the improvements amazing.

We've been working diligently to improve every aspect of the program, using the latest technologies in Apple's Mac OS X ("Snow Leopard") to make the program smarter, faster, and more memory-friendly.

We continue to strive to make Cartographica the best way to Explore, Analyze, and Present your geospatial data.

We've revamped the output systems that we used for KML and Adobe Illustrator, making the output closer in content and style to what you see on the screen. In Illustrator, this includes imagery as well as feature data. For KML, we're now making more data available for use in pop-ups.

On the analysis side, we've added extensive computational capabilities without compromising ease-of-use. The new drag-and-drop formula system provides access to powerful mathematical and geospatial functions so there is much less need to export data to other programs for analysis.

Users have requested better labels, and 1.2 brings that too. With the new label system (that works much like the new formula system) you can place any number of variables or text on any number of lines in any style, or collection of styles. You now have extensive control over both content and format.

Support for importing Personal GeoDatabase files. In what we believe is a first on the Macintosh, we now have the ability to quickly and easily import multiple layers from this widely used file format.

We're also taking advantage of Snow Leopard and comments from our current users to improve the performance and memory utilization

Many more changes to the interface and internals....

We expect to be opening beta in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned here for more announcements!

If you're at AAG 2010, come see us at booth 610 and you can see and play with it.

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