Cellphone Camera + GPS = Georeferenced pictures

Engadget Mobile is reporting that the new HP iPaq hw6900 series has a feature that is quite unique, but quite useful for many. Specifically, they are reporting that when the user takes a picture with the built in camera (1.3 mega pixel I think) that the hw6900 will automatically stamp the photo with the coordinates from the built in GPS unit. While I have seen specialized professional software that allows GPS coordinates to be attached to digital pictures this is the first consumer application I have seen. Although some might think this feature is gadget conversion gone awry I am sure as the FCC deadline approaches and more phones have built in GPS radios this is a movement whose time will come. In particular, sites like Flickr which already have options for geo-referenced photos will probably increase in use. Moreover, I am sure that as these types of gadgets proliferate companies will find a way to make money out of these functions. However, even if geo-referenced photos don't become the new tech craze, it is a cool new feature nonetheless.

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