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LoadMyTracks available on Mac App Store

ClueTrust is happy to announce that as of Monday of last week, LoadMyTracks is now available on the Mac App Store! We will continue to update LoadMyTracks both on and off the App Store for the known future. However, if you go and download a version from the App Store, you can review it!

LoadMyTracks bug solved with community help

As a software development company, there are few things more frustrating than knowing that your software is crashing and having too little information to do anything about it. That's where you come in, and this time Pep and Jerry deserve a round of applause from the community for helping to track down a pernicious little bug in sending data to some Garmin devices. Find out how you can help in the future. One of the big features of 1.4 is something that isn't visible to the user usually, but is designed to help ClueTrust monitor the quality of the …

LoadMyTracks 1.4 beta begins

ClueTrust has released the first changes in LoadMyTracks in almost 18 months. This new beta, the beginning of the 1.4 release cycle, contains a number of fixes for bugs in the previous 1.3 releases and contains updated libraries. Because of these changes, 1.4 will not be supported under 10.4. At this point, we expect to continue supporting LoadMyTracks under 10.5 for a while longer, as none of the new features we're looking at currently take advantage of specific 10.6-isms. Software Update in LoadMyTracks is the easiest way to keep up to date. And, we …