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GPS the Movie?

How low has Hollywood sunk? Apparently low enough to make a teen/college killer-in-the-woods movie with geocaching as the main setup. Start lining up now for the 2006 release of this sure to be Oscar contender. Gadget site Engadget had an article about the upcoming low budget movie G.P.S. that appears to be a Blair Witch type movie in which kids get lost in the woods and killed while on a geocaching hunt. I guess this officially means that GPS and geocaching have entered the mainstream. Not enough on the website to give it a review, but as …

Using GIS to model hurricane debris

Geospatial Solutions has an interesting story about a company (PBS&J Consulting) that created a hurricane debris model for Broward County Florida. The article describes the techniques used in creating the model, and models created by the Army Corp of Engineers, including data sources, assumptions, and problems with the models. For those interested in spatial modeling the article provides an interesting discussion about how models are created including the limitations of data and assumptions.

GIS Day 2005

National Geographic is sponsoring November 16th, 2005 as GIS Day, a day to learn about GIS and geography. GIS Day coordinates many local events to provide an understanding of what's going on in the world of GIS and geography to the public. In DC, you can visit the National Zoo of the Smithsonian Institute for a show-and-tell of GIS activities around the Smithsonian.

Welcome to

Welcome to, ClueTrust's GIS home on the Internet! Although ClueTrust is relatively new to the GIS space, we're intent on making sure that we help the community as we get more involved. As such, we've established the Cartographica.Com web site as a clearing house for pointers to information about GIS and GIS-related news stories, as well as other mapping information. Take a look around and have a good time!