Cartographica 1.6.2 available

Today we released Cartographica 1.6.2, which is a bug fix release. This version builds on Cartographica 1.6, released in June and provides some specific bug fixes.

Cartographica 1.6.2 is available to all users with a Cartographica license for 1.6 and later.

Formal release notes are on Release Notes, but here are the highlights:

  • fix: CPG files (as part of Shapefiles) are now correctly interpreted if they have whitespace before or after the code page or character set.
  • fix: encoding selection in open dialog ignored [#2306]
  • fix: formula window title drifts on resize [#1887]
  • fix: Resolve "Crash in Cartographica when trimming layers" [#2303]
  • fix: rare crash in Trim Layers [#2303]
  • chore(deps): update python to 3.10.8 [#2304]

OS compatibility

Versions 1.6.x support macOS versions 10.15 through macOS 13. Starting with version 1.7, Cartographica support or 10.15 will be dropped and Cartographica will support versions macOS 13 and the 2 prior major releases (macOS 12 and macOS 11) based on our current testing.

Cartographica 1.6.1 available →
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Cartographica 1.6.1 available →