Cartographica 1.2.2 Released

Today, ClueTrust is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Cartographica 1.2.2, our latest GIS product for the Macintosh. This version contains a number of significant new features, plenty of enhancements to existing features, and fixes for bugs that have been found since our last release.

On the new feature list, we've added:

  • Use font characters as symbols (see More Symbol Enhancements for 1.2.2 for details and ideas)
  • A new warning symbol when a loaded layer has no assigned CRS/Projection. This should help reduce confusion when layers don't line up correctly.
  • Export Map as Picture to create a georeferenced image of the current map
  • Support for QuickTime movies in picture fields, including showing the movie in the preview window

The list of enhancements is long and detailed, but here are some of them:

  • Support for semicolon as a separator in Table imports
  • Dramatic speed improvements for complex labels, mask creation, intersection tests in geocoding, WMS layer display
  • Bing and OpenStreetMap layers can now be viewed with any Map Projection (CRS). The images will be warped into the right view
  • WMS and WFS queries are now made with the Map or Layer CRS as appropriate, increasing performance and accuracy
  • Buffer distances can now be specified in any major unit instead of just the unit of the projected layer or map
  • Significant AppleScript enhancements (see AppleScript changes in 1.2.2)
  • and many more

Complete 1.2.2 release notes are available at

We've also been working on our help information and are making available the most recent draft of the 1.2 documentation in PDF form for download. This is basically the same information from the Cartographica Help formatted for on-screen viewing or printing.

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