Cartographica 1.1 Public Beta Begins!

ClueTrust is happy to announce that version 1.1 of Cartographica has finally reached beta phase. This means that all significant features are in the product, and it is ready for feedback and testing by users at large.

As part of the beta program, we've reactivated keys for everyone who has signed up to try Cartographica in the past and we hope that everyone will take advantage of the opportunity to try out our new features and changes. We believe this is a great step forward for Cartographica and GIS on the Macintosh.

After the release of 1.1, we won't be dawdling, there's a lot of work to do for the next versions of Cartographica, which will require Snow Leopard (1.1 is the last feature release to support Leopard and PowerPC Macintoshes), so help us get there by giving Cartographica 1.1 beta a whirl.

For those who have previously tested Cartographica, but whose keys have expired, we have activated new keys. Please use the Lost Key form to get a link to your new key sent to you via email.

If you haven't tried Cartographica yet, just go to our Sign Up page and request a key.

Release notes which detail the changes in 1.1 are available online.

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