Cartogaphica 1.2.3 is Lion Ready

ClueTrust is happy to announce availability of Cartographica 1.2.3, with updates for Lion compatibility and a handful of new features, as well as performance improvements and bug fixes. Check out the improvements in WFS, projection handling, import/export, performance for AppleScript and labeling. Come check it out at We are also providing a new 7-day key for anyone who has previously evaluated the software by visiting the lost key page.

The feature list for this maintenance release is short:

  • Support for exporting data tables from layers
  • Automatic export for CartoMobile imagery
  • Support for exporting raster layers as OSM/GE/BM-style tiles

But, we have enhanced quite a few existing features as well:

  • WFS configuration errors are more easily corrected and flagged, using the warning triangle in the layer stack
  • Image georeferencing now can be done without selecting the individual image in the layer
  • Improved intersection and containment selections
  • Improved labeling
  • Improved performance when working with imagery
  • and more...

Plus a number of bug fixes

As is tradition, users who have evaluated before will be able to retrieve a new 7-day key for use with the software by visiting the lost key page.