Stalking goes spatial with Gawker Stalker maps

While Gawker has been providing celebrity sighting information for years in their "Stalker" section, they have recently started using Google maps to provide mapped locations of the celebrity sightings. Interestingly, once they put them in map format, everyone decided to freak out. Notably celebrity manager Ken Sunshine has said "It invites weirdos, if not dangerous weirdos, to physically come in contact with anybody they choose to expose on this site". While, I agree that people are a little celebrity obsessed, the information is hardly stalking as it is presented and not worthy of all the negative publicity it has been getting. Specifically, the information is simply reader provided information about where celebrities were spotted that is e-mailed to Gawker who then reviews it and posts it on their site. Hardly the stuff of true stalking. However mine is just one opinion, so I suggest you go to the site your self and make up your own mind.