Yahoo Maps! fires back at Google

With all of the talk about Google Maps, you'd think they were the only game in town. On the contrary, Yahoo! on Wednesday, put into beta a new version of Yahoo! Maps that has some new and nifty features for users, especially in the area of viewing. More after the Jump.

Since Google's made a name for itself with cool satellite data, the folks at Yahoo! are betting that you'll enjoy more up-to-the minute information on their maps.

As with their previous mapping solution, they will provide overlays of restaurants, ATM's, schools, and what-have-you from their "yellow pages" database. They are also overlaying live traffic data when available, and providing a neat zoom-in window that hovers over the map.

There's also info on a new set of APIs, which I'll be checking out. Look for more info in a follow-up post.

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