The Prejudice Map

Although probably not created using any form of GIS, this map, called The Prejudice Map, was created by doing google searches for the phrase " are known for *" and applying that information to a map.

Created by the site Google Blogoscoped, the map is an amusing read, even if it isn't "true". However, looking at the top responses, some of the results are pretty interesting:

  • United Kingdom - fair play, aristocratic kitchens, extremely unclean, rarely complaining
  • Norway - thriftiness, openness and humor, love of fish
  • Sweden - austerity, drinking coffee, carving Viking longboats
  • Brasil - informality, partying, bikinis
  • Canada - cultural diversity, humility and kindness, liking their beer, being tolerant
  • Japan - technology, politeness, longevity, indirectness

Although certainly not a source of the true nature of a society, it would seem to provide some insights into how the web views certain places (at least the English-speaking web).

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