Sunsetting CartoMobile

Along with the Sunsetting of Cartographica I am announcing the immediate sunset of CartoMobile. Effective immediately, CartoMobile will no longer be available for sale on the AppStore.

CartoMobile will still be available for use by users who purchased it previously, and I have no intention of removing it for re-download.

Although I realize this will come as a disappointment to those of you who are currently using CartoMobile, I can no longer justify the resources necessary to keep it operational based on revenue.

The situation is similar to Cartographica, although perhaps even more about the business model. In the case of CartoMobile, with the advent of many inexpensive (but less professional) online mapping apps, I should likely have leaned into the professional market further with an annual subscription fee and higher prices.

As with Cartographica, I have enjoyed working on the software for many of its years and have thoroughly appreciated those of you whom I've interacted with. I apperciate your support over the years, through purchases and bug reports.

Preliminary testing with iOS 17 indicates no significant changes for CartoMobile, so I hope that CartoMobile will continue to work in future versions of iOS for current customers.

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