Sources of International and Domestic Spatial Data

MapDawg is a free internet site that provides numerous links to both international and domestic spatial data. Depending on where you are interested in studying it can often be difficult to find sources of reliable data. This site provides links to both governmental and private sources of spatial data that are generally ready to use with your GIS.

The website alphabetically organizes the data by place starting with worldwide and international locations. Data are given from multiple continents, countries, and from all of the states within the U.S. The data found on these websites are compatible with Cartographica so all you have to do is download the data and then important them into Cartographica and you are ready to go!

In addition to the data sources Mapdawg also has links to important geospatial organizations found in both government and private sectors.

Also the website provides many links to other more general GIS related websites. There are links to websites for GIS jobs, news, and research, which can sometimes be difficult to find using internet searches. MapDawg has courteously done the work for us!

If you are looking for a new sources of GIS related information and data then MapDawg is a good place to start!

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