Shameless plug for LoadMyTracks—It's Free!

It's been a while since we talked about LoadMyTracks, software from ClueTrust (our sponsor) and there've been a lot of changes in the past few months. Since March, we've been doing a lot of development, and adding support for a lot of new devices, including the latest from Garmin, and some old standbys from Magellan (serial-based receivers now), as well as a new crop from GlobalSat, including the GH-615 Sport Watch and the DG-100 Data Logger (which US GlobalSat was kind enough to send us for development purposes). Click the link for more...

We've also improved the scripting capabilities of the software, including adding the ability to select a particular GPS device via AppleScript and to have the AppleScript command return results in two different ways.

Beyond this, we also have added the ability to load a GPS with multiple files at the same time (let's say you want to load 2 tracks onto that Garmin Edge... since it will throw out all existing tracks when you write a new one, this new feature allows you to put as many as will fit in memory in there at a time).

We've also been fast at work on bug fixes, including a big set of fixes for the Timex watches. For further Timex support, we've also added a feature to allow you to delete the data on your watch (be careful, you don't want to accidentally delete something you intend to keep).

On the file translating front, we now support the Garmin TCX format as an import format (we don't write it yet), and the newly published Garmin GPX extensions for input as well.

But wait, there's more! Our friends in France and Germany have been working hard to keep our translations up, and we're very thankful for their hard work, especially at this time of fast changes.

So, if you have a Macintosh, and a GPS, go on over to the ClueTrust web site and get a copy of LoadMyTracks. ClueTrust is providing it free of charge.

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