Mountain Lion support and the Future of Cartographica

It's been about two years since I made this post about Snow Leopard and ClueTrust's plans to drop support for Leopard (10.5) in versions 1.2 of Cartographica and beyond. Since that time, we've had rapid adoption of Snow Leopard (10.6) and, in the past year, Lion (10.7) by our users (according to those statistics that you hopefully have been allowing us to capture). Earlier this month, we once again attended Apple's WWDC and we learned a lot about how we can take advantage of the new features in Mountain Lion and that Apple has now lowered the pricing on Mountain Lion to $19 and will be making that available to any user who is migrating from 10.6 or 10.7 when Mountain Lion ships in July.

With Apple's announcements, and with our concentration over the past few months on development for our upcoming release, we are going to be shifting support for new features to 10.7 and above starting with versions beyond 1.2.x. For current users who wish to stay on 10.6 for the time being, that means that you'll still receive critical bug fixes until we sunset support for 1.2 in 2013.

Lion Requirements

For new feature development, we will be supporting 10.7 and above only. This will enable us to invest our resources in providing the best experience going forward while limiting the number of features that work differently depending upon the operating system that you are running.

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