Geocoding photos from iPhoto, Aperture, etc.

Cartographica has for a long time supported geocoding photos based either on tracks or based on data inside of the photos themselves. For most of that time, we have supported doing this for both files on disk and images that are stored inside of Apple's iPhoto application.

With recent versions of OS X (basically since 10.8.5 or so), Apple has been providing access to photos in both iPhoto and Aperture through the file selection or Open dialog as well by way of the Media item in the sidebar on the left.

Since the introduction of that feature, we have supported both that mechanism, and our older direct-iPhoto access method (which had been supported since 10.6). However, recent changes to iPhoto and the fact that this mechanism actually has better previewing than our old system has led us to the decision to remove the iPhoto-specific menu item for Geocoding photos.

As of Cartographica 1.4.5, we are going to remove these menu items. We are not removing the ability to geocode your iPhoto photos, you will just need to access them through this mechanism.

We will update the documentation and the support site to reflect this change.

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