Command Line Tools for GDAL and PROJ

As many of you may be aware, we have used GDAL and PROJ for many years to handle file import and export as well as coordinate reference system management in Cartographica. As such, we include a private copy of those libraries in Cartographica. Internally, I've made use of the command line tools for a number of years when necessary, but they've never been a part of what we have made available as part of Cartographica.

Starting with 1.6, we are going to make those available to users with a valid Cartographica license.

As with all command-line tools, there's quite a bit of complexity to using them, and as such, we really cannot support the tools directly (except for bugs in the ability to execute them). Documentation for the tools are available at the links above and include good examples.

For PROJ, all CRS support data is embedded in Cartographica and should be used automatically. For GDAL, the supported raster and vector drivers are those that are available in Cartographica as well as many of the in-build network drivers.

How to use the command-line tools

The following assumes that you've installed Cartographica in the Applications folder and left it named The tools themselves are located in the MacOS folder inside of the Contents folder of the bundle.

To execute a command line tool, you can use the full path of the tool in Cartographica, for example, here's running proj:


If you expect to use these tools frequently, then you may want to modify your path temporarily by appending that directory to your path, for example:

export PATH=${PATH}:/Applications/

Included tools

Here is the list of currently-included tools, with links to their online Documentation from the original sources.

Please note that the linked documentation may not exactly match what is included with the version of Cartographica that you are running. Please check the versions of GDAL or PROJ against those in Cartographica for specific information.


Command Summary
cct Coordinate Conversion and Transformation
cs2cs Filter for transformations between two coordinate reference systems
geod perform geodesic (Great Circle) computations
gie The Geospatial Integrity Investigation Environment
proj Cartographic projection filter
projinfo Geodetic object and coordinate operation queries
projsync Tool for synchronizing PROJ datum and transformation support data


Command Summary
gdal_contour Builds vector contour lines from a raster elevation model
gdal_create Create a raster file (without source dataset)
gdal_grid Creates regular grid from the scattered data
gdal_rasterize Burns vector geometries into a raster
gdal_translate Converts raster data between different formats
gdal_viewshed Compute a visibility mask for a raster
gdaladdo Builds or rebuilds overview images
gdalbuildvrt Builds a VRT from a list of datasets
gdaldem Tools to analyze and visualize DEMs
gdalinfo Lists information about a raster dataset
gdallocationinfo Raster query tool
gdalmanage Identify, delete, rename and copy raster data files
gdalsrsinfo Lists info about a given SRS in number of formats (WKT, PROJ.4, etc.)
gdaltindex Builds an OGR-supported dataset as a raster tileindex
gdaltransform Transforms coordinates
gdalwarp Image reprojection and warping utility
ogr2ogr Converts simple features data between file formats
ogrinfo Lists information about an OGR-supported data source
ogrlineref Create linear reference and provide some calculations using it
ogrtindex Creates a tileindex

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