CartoMobile 1.1 released

ClueTrust is pleased to announce the immediate availability of CartoMobile® 1.1 on the App Store! New features include adding lines and polygons, easy use of Raster data as base maps, multiple projection support, and more!

Version 1.1 of CartoMobile is a huge release for us, starting with the name change. ClueTrust has decided to re-brand Cartographica Mobile as CartoMobile, both because the name "Cartographica Mobile" just doesn't fit well in the app screen on the iPhone, and also to differentiate its place as a field data tool, as opposed to a full-fledged GIS, like Cartographica.

CartoMobile 1.1 contains a host of significant new features and enhancements, putting it firmly in the number one spot for sophisticated field data entry for iOS

Support for adding Polygons and Lines
CartoMobile has long been a great way to add points to your data in the field, but now it supports lines and polygons as well. And it was worth the wait. Our interface provides an easy way to undo and redo points, track your movements or manually drop each point, edit attributes before, during, or after entering the full feature, and best of all—the ability to pause input on one or more features to temporarily add something else.
Support for multiple CRS (Projections)
CartoMobile still assumes WGS84 Lat/Long if you haven't included a .prj with files that you copy to your device, but if you copy one with the .shp and associated files, the CRS will now be automatically managed so that it conforms to the displayed CRS. This works for new data as well, as added data will retain the CRS of the imported file.
Drag-and-drop raster imagery support
Adding your own raster imagery as a base map (for use when offline, or for any other purpose) is now as easy as dragging the TIFF, ECW, PNG, or JPEG file directly to your device with iTunes. Georeferenced images of any of these types are supported, and .prj files are required by any format that doesn't implicitly carry its CRS with it. And, unlike many of our competitors, we use adaptive caching to render the files directly on the device. It may take a couple of seconds to see the display the first time, but after that it's efficiently stored for later use. No prior conversion required and no loss of speed!
Custom Point Imagery
Now you can drag a .png file into your iOS device and select that as the point symbol for a layer in CartoMobile.
OnUpdate automatic changes for data
When using custom configurations, fields can be set to automatically update their data when Edit mode is invoked

And more... we've also fixed bugs and made both memory and speed enhancements to make the experience of using CartoMobile even more pleasurable than it was in the 1.0 series.

See CartoMobile on the App Store

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