Cartographica 1.5.4 available

Today we released Cartographica 1.5.4, which is a bug fix and feature enhancement release. This version builds on Cartographica 1.5, and provides some feature enhancements and specific bug fixes.

Cartographica 1.5.4 is available to all users with a Cartographica license.

Formal release notes are on Release Notes, but here are the highlights:

  • Cartographica now has default preferences for both area and length measurements. Existing per-document settings are retained, but these settings will be used for each new document [CARTOMAC-1573]
  • Map Layout scales now use the default preferences for length measurements to determine the default units
  • Map Layout Map view Details… panel now shows (and allows for changing) the layers that are visible
  • Map Layout Legend view Details… panel now shows (and allows for changing) the layers that are visible
  • Symbols and patterns can now be deleted from the UberBrowser window
  • Snap layer selection is now limited to layers that can provide snapping locations [CARTOMAC-1533]
  • Allow for coercion of Curved polygons to normal polygons when importing formats with curved polygons (such as some File GDB formats and CAD files) [CARTOMAC-1996]
  • Add AppleScript support for Bookmarks [CARTOMAC-1972]

OS compatibility

Cartographica 1.5 supports macOS X High Sierra and later (10.13.6+). Going forward, we'll likely move to adopt new Apple technologies sooner and that's likely to not only result in quicker release cycles, but will mean moving the minimum requirements more quickly than we have in the past.

Cartographica 1.5.4 is compatible with macOS 11.

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