Cartographica 1.4.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Cartographica version 1.4.3, our latest minor feature and bug fix release. As with previous versions of 1.4.x, 1.4.3 is compatible with OS X versions 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 (and we've also done some preliminary testing on 10.10).

Features that we have included in the 1.4.3 release include:

  • Improved AppleScript® support for analysis tools
  • Added Selection Summary window
  • Improved handling of GML layers with multiple geometry types
  • Added support for .tab files as georeference information for TIFF files
  • Improved character set support for import

These accompany an array of bug fixes described in more detail in the Release Notes for 1.4.3.

This update is available to all customers. In addition, we are resetting the clock for trials, so if you have tried 1.4.2 or earlier and want to try again, please visit the Lost Key page and enter your registered email address to receive a 10-day trial of 1.4.3.

Selection Summary

One significant addition to 1.4.3 is that of the Selection Summary window, which shows statistical information for the currently selected features. In the past, Cartographica has provided the Selection Info window, which allows you to peek at the details of the selected items, and this new option expands on that to provide statistical information about the selected items. In particular, the Count, Sum, Average, Minimum, and Maximum values of the user-selected column are shown in the Selection Summary window, so you can quickly identify this information about any selection and any column.

In addition, when the selected column is a Calculated Column, Cartographica allows you to choose Formula calculated using summary values which calculates the formula over the summary values as opposed to creating the summary values from the post-formula values. Although in the case of simple formulas, this may have similar results, for some formulas it provides a different insight. It is important to understand these implications, as the default case (sum of the formula values, average of the formula values, minimum of the formula values, minimum of the formula values) can differ greatly from the application of a formula to the sums of the components, the averages of the components, the maximums of the components, and the minimums of the components. In most cases, the default case is appropriate.

Technical Details

Additionally, we have moved to linking against the 10.9 libraries in OS X. This is an internal change and should have no noticeable effect on customers who are currently running Cartographica under 10.8 and 10.7, as we have taken pains to isolate the use of the few 10.9 dependencies and made sure that they are only used under 10.9. Further, our automated test systems are run on 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9 to ensure maximum compatibility. However, there were some changes to the way internals are handled under 10.9, which required us to spend more time on this update than originally expected.

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