Cartographica 1.1.1 now available

We are pleased to announce general availability of Cartographica version 1.1.1. This bug fix release contains important performance and stability enhancements and a small number of new features. We would like to extend a special thanks to those folks who helped us test the software before general release. More details on the changes in the main article.

Features and UI changes for 1.1.1

  • Add Australian Datum specifications to EPSG and datum databases
  • Add Australian grids and projections
  • Add support for AGD66 and AGD84 translations
  • Add support for overriding default character sets on vector file load
  • Update to Proj4 4.7
  • Ignore spaces at front and back of addresses during geocode
  • Replace the preview map with a rectangle to speed responsiveness during resize
  • Show/Hide rulers in Map Layout View
  • Add support for geocoding intersections when & is used as separator (Example: "4th St NW & J ST NW").
  • Make Convex Hull now only enabled when there are at least 3 points selected or available.
  • Prompt for soon-to-expire keys to give people a bit of a warning
  • Selecting with the Option (Alt on some keyboards) key held down will require that features must be encompassed by the selection rectangle for them to be selected. Otherwise, all features that intersect the selection rectangle are selected.
  • Selection rectangle is now a transparent area instead of just a box

Significant fixes in 1.1.1

  • Fix bug in GH615 Time handling
  • Fix obscure crash-while-drawing bug
  • Allow non-ASCII characters in more filenames (Fixes bug #1291)
  • License key now settable even when you have a valid license key
  • Limit unnecessary changes in layer size
  • Redraw map on resize only if scale will increase (not decrease or remain the same)
  • Add automatic quoting based on reported quote characters in select queries for ODBC
  • Case insensitive comparisons where applicable.
  • Point and Line unions now should work reliably.
  • Merge Selected Features only available when it makes sense
  • Move ODBC code to using new error methods
  • Correct conflicting menu key on Merge Selected Features
  • Fix handling of single-column CSV/TSV files for text import (such as a list of addresses with no other columns)
  • Fix possible long drawing freeze in zoom (in particular Zoom to Fit)
  • Fix bug in shapefile exporter dealing with M values
  • Fix to KML import that would cause writing to fail and possible crashes when writing out KML imported directly from Google Earth
  • Fix bug in ODBC error handling code that truncated error messages
  • Fix bug in copying code that would cause a release failure and crash
  • Fix bug in importing geocoded or coordinate coded data from databases which resulted in non-matching records being dropped regardless of settings.
  • Fix bug in selection code that would make selecting with a vertical or horizontal line more difficult. #1293
  • Fix crash in Merge Selected Features when using non-polygonal features
  • Fix leak in layer loading code
  • Fix raster file number handling for decimals not in the US
  • Fix bug which would cause intermediate directories to be created when saving files in some formats
  • Disable pop-up windows when in Edit mode to reduce editing confusion.
  • Fix Revert problem in Map Layout View
  • Use double-precision temporary values for calculations during manual point moves (mouse or keyboard) and double-project them to make sure that as much accuracy is retained as possible. This addresses problems that arise when manually editing points in a feature at high zoom levels when using coordinate systems such as lat/long which require more precision to operate at small levels. #1299

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