U.S. Census Releases 2008 American Community Survey

The U.S. Census Bureau released the data for the 2008 American Community Survey this week, which has created a buzz on the internet about some of the most interesting findings. One article on CNN Money mentioned that the U.S. economy had obvious impacts the economic, housing, and social data.

The article mentioned that the highest median incomes in the United States are found in the North East and on the West Coast. The article also provides information about the highest and lowest earning states as well as the states that experienced the highest and lowest amounts of change between 2007 and 2008. The states with the highest incomes were Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Alaska. The states the showed the lowest median incomes were Mississippi, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Kentucky. The states with the highest levels of positive change were found in Louisiana, Washington D.C., Arkansas, and Hawaii. The states with the most negative amounts of change were Florida, Montana, Michigan, and Indiana. Included below is a map of the United States with the corresponding income data joined. The data was collected from and then joined to a map of the United States, which was also collected from the Census website.

Join data window from Cartographica
Median Income in United States
North East United States