iPhone 3G S Problems?

There have been reports circling the internet that the new iPhone 3G S is experiencing problems with the battery overheating. Wired.com is reporting that in some white iPhones 3G S's there are reports that the overheating is causing discoloration. The same article also hinted at older iPhone 3Gs experiencing similar problems after upgrading to the new 3.0 OS. The article also pointed out that the overheating was occurring while the users were playing games or running other applications. At this point it is unclear if all iPhone are affected, if certain apps are causing problems, or if the cases that have been reported so far represent only a small portion of the several million iPhones that have recently been purchased or upgraded. According to PC Worldthe overheating problems are apparently not just affecting the back of the phone where the iPhone's battery is located, but the glass front is reported to be getting hot on some phones as well. I know several people that have purchased the new iPhone or have upgraded to v3.0 OS (including myself), and have had no problems with overheating. Stay tuned for more updates about the phone overheating, and please add your stories if you have experienced problems.