1m resolution data on National Map

Just in case all of this discussion about governmental censorship of maps has you down, you should take a look at this map of Champaign, Illinois. The national map has some data at resolutions of 1m per pixel, which is unbelievably detailed.

And if you thought that was close up, try clicking the zoom and you'll find that you can get even closer. By the way, for those unfamiliar with Champaign, the spaceship-looking thing is the UIUC basketball stadium.

For personal grins, check out Forbes Hall (the upper-left of the 6 rectangular buildings in the middle of the frame), where I roomed for my first year at the U of I.

First announced by the USGS in August of this year, the new orthophoto data is available for a large portion of the US and its territories.

Editor: Note that the maps have been changed and that Forbes Hall is no longer with us

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