Tom Tom ONE announced

Tom Tom announced the release of their new pockety GPS unit the One. In appearance and size it is similar to the Garmin Nuvi, yet it differs in cost and in some of the feature set. As for features, the ONE has a 3.5 inch touch screen Bluetooth for hands-free calling, SiRF Star III chip, and pre-installed maps all for around $500 (about $400 less than the Nuvi). The maps come loades on SD cards and from what I can tell, they can be swaped out easily for other maps. Moreover, users have access to all of the TomTom PLUS features such as real time traffic, weather and road conditions. In defense of the Nuvi, it does have a more extensive feature set than the ONE (translator, audio book, etc..) which can in some cases justify the $400 difference. Bottom line on the ONE is that the feature set, size, and price all combine to be a pretty sweet package in a small unit.